Arkansans have long known that value doesn’t always correspond to price. The lowest price isn’t always a good deal but the highest price doesn’t always reflect the highest quality. In the time Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas has been serving our customers in Arkansas, we’ve seen a lot of companies of all types start up and close back down, never having figured that out.

From the very first, those of us at Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas knew we had to make the best product, using the best materials, offer the best customer service, and put all of that together with the best price for the value received. We scoured the world searching for materials that combine attractiveness and durability while continually upgrading and updating our manufacturing process to provide a top quality product at unbeatable prices. Now that’s value!

In return, our customers, both residential and commercial, have kept coming back for more than a quarter-century. We use the finest Sunbrella™ fabric for resistance to wind, water, and weather, superior UV protection, all in attractive colors and styles to complement virtually any home or business.

It’s said you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. With a quality canvas awning, shade structure, or architectural canopy from Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas, you’ll do it right the first time to impress AND protect your family or your customers, and the WOW! factor is standard at no extra charge.

We have multiple installation crews, so your new shade structure will be up in no time, without damaging your home or business, regardless of the time of year.

Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas is the only Central Arkansas Awning and shade solution product manufacturer that has an active Arkansas Contractors License (# 0253990314). The Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board is charged with protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Arkansas, as well as establishing and enforcing minimum standards of industry experience, business skills, and financial stability.

Call Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas today at 501-834-8891 or contact us online and we’ll put our 26 years of experience to work for you!