As much as we enjoy life in Arkansas, there’s no escape from the reality that during certain times of year, the weather can be brutal! When the mercury approaches the triple digits with 90% relative humidity, or when it rains for a solid week, most of us think that our only choice is to hide inside all day!

The good news is that our team at Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas is here to help you fight back! You’ll be able to enjoy more outdoor activities, lower your energy bills, and be the talk of your neighborhood or shopping center. And the great news is that our awning products only look expensive. Contact us at any time for a free, no-obligation design consultation, and bring us some photos of your home or business, and we’ll load them into our Awning Composer Software to show you how they’ll look once they’re installed! Here’s a quick look at a few of our most popular products:

Custom Canvas Awnings-Our canvas awnings are as durable as they are attractive, and they’re all built to order from high quality Sunbrella fabric, which comes in hundreds of colors and patterns, and offers 98% UV protection. We can build traditional, concave, convex and dome awnings to your exact specifications, and our award-winning installation team will be there in a matter of days!

Retractable Awnings-One popular product for homeowners are retractable awnings. They’re also manufactured to order from Sunbrella fabric, and can be rolled out and retracted in a matter of seconds! They can protect you from the sun all summer long, and help you lower your heating costs during the winter.

Residential and Commercial Metal Awnings-We also work with metal, so if you’re looking for durable patio or walkway covers, we can build them to order. Covered walkways are a great service to provide your customers during the rainy season, and a covered patio can really add to the resale value of your home!

If you have any additional questions, or are ready to schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation, contact us online, or give us a call at 501-834-8891.