When it comes to awnings and custom shade solutions, the sky's the limit!

Awnings have been around practically since mankind started living indoors, first showing up in ancient Egypt and Syria, where they used woven mats to shade market stalls and homes; by hanging the mats over windows and doorways, they managed to keep the heat at bay. Ancient Romans came up with the idea to attach rods to the mats and install them as permanent fixtures.

In the 19th Century, awnings began to take on more decorative accents, although form continued to follow function well into the 20th Century. The use of awnings decreased sharply with the advent of home air conditioning in the 1950s, but began making a comeback in recent years as homeowners and business owners began looking for ways to cut energy use.

Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas got its start as awnings began growing in popularity, and we’ve stayed on the cutting edge of industry developments, working to provide you the best value in modern shade solutions. You have a host of options available to you, and we’ll work together to find a custom look and configuration that fits your personality and style perfectly.

Our canvas awnings are custom crafted from genuine Sunbrella™ Fabric for a durable, fade-resistant shade solution that blocks 98 percent of harmful UV radiation. Available in an array of colors and patterns, you’ll love it for years of dependable and attractive protection from the elements.

If modern metal awnings are more your preference, or if you’d like the convenience and versatility of a retractable awning, Maple Leaf has what you need. If you prefer the utility and function of enclosed awnings for home use, we can provide an enclosed shade solution space that offers the choice of sun or shade, air flow or bug resistance. We also offer manual or motorized vertical screen options that can be put down to enclose the space or raised to make the space more open. The possibilities are endless!

When your custom design is complete, you can have a preview of how it will look after installation with our “Awning Composer” software. Just provide us with a photo of your home, we’ll do a “virtual installation” via computer generated graphics, and you can see just how your new awning will look before you commit.

For the best in quality and service, call Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas at 501-834-8891, or contact us online. Bring your imagination and we’ll supply the quality and service.