If you own and operate a business, more than likely, you put a lot of thought into your annual advertising budget. You do your best to spend your advertising dollars where you think they’ll give the maximum return, which is always the best strategy.

At Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas, we know a lot about the value of advertising, and not just because we have a business of our own. We partner with business owners throughout Arkansas to attract customers to their businesses through the use of attractive, durable, and highly visible shade solutions. Our custom shade solutions provide curb appeal, protection from the elements, and an incentive for to passers-by to pull in to your parking lot!

If a customer is searching for your business in a crowded retail venue, your logo and business name will stand out like a spotlight, enabling them to quickly and easily navigate right to your front door. Plus, the best opportunity to turn window shoppers into paying customers is to give your business higher visibility that invites them inside.

At MLAC, we use top quality Sunbrella fabric to custom-build all of our commercial fabric awnings. Sunbrella fabric blocks 98% of UV radiation so you (and your customers) will stay more comfortable, and also resists ripping, tearing, and fading for years to come. It also resists mold and mildew so that your customers will see your business emblazoned across your storefront in bold, beautiful, and colorful hues that tell the world, “come on in!”

Our commercial metal awnings offer the same attractive and inviting look in a package that is virtually indestructible, and if you really want to give your customers the first class experience, our line of commercial canopies offer full coverage protection from the parking lot to your door that is fully customizable as well.

Unlike traditional advertising, the cost of our commercial awnings and canopies is a one-time investment that will last for years, welcoming your customers with style and durable good looks for years to come.

When it comes to raising your profile, a commercial awning or canopy from MLAC, is always money well spent! For a no cost, no obligation consultation, call Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas today at 501-834-8891 or contact us online at this link and we’ll help you design a look that’s sure to please!