While storefront awnings have been around for many years, they’re a shining example of how a good idea can be improved upon – and their evolution has become more apparent than ever.

The industry has seen a shift in the way businesses view these structures, and has responded accordingly. At the forefront is Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas (MLAC), providing affordable, award-winning products installed by our highly-trained crews.

Maple Leaf can bring your storefront to life!

With advances in materials and technology, modern awning designs go far beyond a single purpose.

1 In commercial spaces, shade structures are used for protection from sun and rain, to complement a building’s architecture, or as signage – often for all three. They have come a long way from simple signs.

2 Currently one, if not the most, important design aspect is their use as a marketing tool to reinforce a company’s identity. Not only has branding become more of a focus in selection, businesses also are beginning to see the benefits of a more subtle design approach.

3 Manufacturers are seeing more of an effort to blend awning designs to create more subtle complements to existing architecture. Some large restaurant chains, for example, use ghosting graphic effects that look almost like watermarks or smaller designs for their logos rather than louder designs used in the past.

4 Traditional-style awnings are popular among commercial clients due to their simple, understated look. And they can be made from a variety of materials, with some large financial institutions and fast food chains choosing this style made with metal instead of fabric.

5 More major brands are opting for front-lit awnings over the back-lit style. Industry experts say it’s because the front-lit style provides a more conservative, richer look and offers more freedom to blend colors without worrying about uniformity.

MLAC also can create custom canvas awnings and other solutions to enjoy at home. We’re confident you’ll be equally amazed by our residential design capabilities.

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