Home and business owners alike are increasingly turning to shade structures for a number of reasons, from added curb appeal to energy savings. But we find another key benefit our clients relish is the added space that comes from custom canopies, custom canvas awnings, and storefront awnings.

Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas can provide your home or business with just about any kind of shade structure you can imagine. Here are just some of the ways our broad selection of awnings and canopies can increase space for added enjoyment of your property:


1 While commercial building owners have relied on awnings and other shade structures for aesthetic and sheltering benefits for years, increased revenue potential seems to be creating a resurgence in commercial interest. For example, restaurants can easily expand seating capacity with the addition of an awning.

2 For any commercial business, not only do storefront awnings make them more visible and assist with branding efforts, more space becomes a lucrative factor as well. Businesses have the protection they need to expand promotional efforts and other marketing ideas to the outside, as both products and customers are sheltered from the elements.


1 If you’re considering an addition to your home, a canopy or awning over your deck or patio can offer a long-term solution. These shade structures can be installed at a much lower cost and still give you the extra space you want.

2 Many homeowners are using custom canopies and awnings to create an upscale, outdoor living room – a growing trend that is ideal for entertaining guests or just relaxing with the family.

3 Outdoor kitchens are just as en vogue, as custom canvas awnings and the like can extend your outdoor entertaining season. They can also function as part of your landscape design.

If you’re looking to increase space in your home or business, Maple Leaf offers nearly three decades of excellence in the business. We pride ourselves in providing quality custom shade solutions and ensuring client satisfaction.

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