Consumers are proving that demand for outdoor shade structures is holding steady. More trends are becoming popular, such as outdoor living spaces and other features for homes and businesses that add protection from the elements and aesthetic appeal.

A recent landscape architect survey shows homeowners want to extend living space to entertain and relax outdoors. Industry professionals surveyed rated the expected popularity of various outdoor design elements. The most popular category was gardens and landscaped spaces with a 94.2-percent rating, while outdoor living spaces were a close second.

Residential covered patio by Maple Leaf Canvas

When enhancing the outdoor space at your home or business, the options are almost limitless. Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas can create almost any kind of shade solution to fit your specific needs, whether it be window awnings, patio covers, or shade cloths.

1 Shade cloth is a material used to create a cool, shaded environment. One of the major draws is that it is water permeable. It is commonly used to cover greenhouses or other garden structures because it also allows some sunlight.

2 Shade sails offer the flexibility of a canopy with a more casual style, according to HGTVRemodels. Fabric is stretched across poles to accent and cover a seating area or patio. Their modern look compliments contemporary homes.

3 Motorized drop screens are great for letting in fresh air while keeping out bugs. These shade solutions control light, glare, and heat exposure at the push of a button. Protect possessions from sun damage, increase energy savings, and enjoy privacy without losing your view with this trendy alternative.

4 Patio covers are a great way to enjoy your outdoor space while remaining protected from the elements. Patio covers are attached to structures, which can be beneficial because structural support often reduces building costs.

5 About half of industry experts agreed awnings and retractable awnings will continue to be in demand as well. HGTVRemodels attributes the latter’s popularity to the flexibility of being able to extend or remove them depending on weather or other factors.

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