Whether your awning is for practical or aesthetic purposes, selecting the perfect awning style is a major part of the process. Your new awning will protect you and everyone around you from both sun and rain, and will be a wonderful addition to your property. To help our clients select their own perfect awning, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite five styles.

1 Retractable – Retractable awnings offer the convenience of letting you choose when the awning is deployed. Not unlike a retractable roof on a stadium, this type of shade structure lets you be in total control. Retractable awnings can be either manual or automatic, with automatic units having the capability of being retracted or deployed with a remote control.

2 Concave – Concave awnings are a very attractive style and are most noted for their curved slant. This type of awning is notably modern and looks incredible on both homes and businesses. We like concave awnings so much that the front of our office is fitted with one!

3 Convex – Convex awnings (or quarter-round awnings) are a very popular style for both home and business. These awnings have a traditional look that is known for its bubble appearance that is bowed outward. Both convex and concave awnings can be bent into any radius in order to properly fit existing structures.

4 Dome – Dome awnings (also known as half-rounds) are a very classic style that can bring some old world charm to your home or business. This style of awning is very popular and efficiently protects doors and windows from sun, rain, or snow.

5 Traditional – Traditional awnings (or slant awnings) are a simple, visually pleasing, and highly effective style of awning. Whether for your home or business, traditional slant awnings offer superior protection from the elements. Also to be noted are open-ended or Venetian awnings, which are slant awnings without sides.

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Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas specializes in custom awnings to fit your home or business. If you can dream it, we can build it. Our awnings are fitted with Sunbrella fabric which is highly resistant to harmful UV radiation from the sun and resist fading over time.

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