While Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas has its roots in fabric when it comes to quality shade structures, a couple of years ago we responded to an increasing industry demand for the use of metal materials.

As a total solution provider, we began providing metal canopies, metal awnings, and metal architectural canopies in 2012. Our Arkansas market now has the option of choosing custom fabricated aluminum frameworks produced in accordance with Professional Awning Manufacturers Association standards.

Maple Leaf uses metal panels sourced from local companies, and our own crew performs the installation. So you can rest assured, with nearly three decades in the industry, that your structure will be of the utmost quality.

We have plenty of options to choose from when you decide your home or business needs protection from the elements, increased curb appeal, and all the other benefits awnings and canopies provide.

But for now, let’s talk metal:

1 If you want your awning to be waterproof, you might elect to choose metal. Waterproof materials tend to be more durable and last longer.

2 Metal canopies and awnings are usually easier to clean – if they need cleaning at all. Depending on the type of structure, once they’ve been soaped and rinsed, they can be reinstalled immediately.

3 If your primary concern is shade, you need a material that effectively serves that purpose. Because metal canopies and awnings are solid and opaque, they will generally provide better shelter from the elements.

4 Aluminum can hold many pounds of solid precipitation like snow, hail, or sleet. Most metal structures can withstand high winds as well.

5 Metal awnings also can be a great alternative for protecting your vehicle without spending a lot more on a garage.

If you’re considering a metal structure for your home or business, call our experts at (501) 834-8891 or toll free at (800) 94-SHADE. Or click here for more information.