When you think of marketing your business, traditional advertising and websites usually come to mind.

But there’s at least one way you can attract more traffic to your business by simply being there. Well, there’s a little more to it than that. What you do with your location can be as important as the location itself.

We’re talking about awnings. And we should know. At Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas, we’ve been in business for 26 years, earned multiple regional, national, and international awards, and become one of the highest rated manufacturers of awnings for business in Little Rock.

What we’ve learned is the right awning dresses up your business, helps keep it cool in summer, and draws the attention of people who naturally want to know more about the business with a great looking shade. We can help you custom design one of the three types of awnings proven to attract people:

Creative Awnings – A stunning, visually pleasing awning makes potential customers stop and take notice, which is ideal on a street crowded with other businesses. An awning that is eye-catching and grabs attention will show everyone that your place is different from the rest, and they’ll come in to find out why.

Detailed Awnings – Awnings with enough space to promote your business can help attract business on a bustling street when customers can identify you from a distance helps set you apart. Everyone knows the frustration of trying to spot a tiny sign only to see it just as they drive past. When a quick glance from a distance tells people who you are what you offer, they’ll be much more likely to stop and come in.

Large Awnings – If you have the space, a large awning with plenty of space underneath will give you an edge over your competition, especially in a sudden downpour! And the longer it lasts, the more likely people will be to come inside and look around, and you may be shocked to see how popular your business can be during the brutal hot days of summer in Arkansas.

Call 501-834-8891 or contact us online and let Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas show you how easy it is to be the cool kid on the block.