When selecting a canvas awning or specialty shade structure, the amount of options may seem a bit overwhelming at first. Some businesses prefer something small, simple, and understated, and others choose to go big. Whatever you decide, there’s an awning for you!

Our designers at Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas are ready to work with you to pick the awning that’s the best fit for your business, and our award-winning installers can be there in a flash. But, before you begin, you should ask yourself a few questions:

What’s the purpose? For most businesses, an awning serves the twofold purpose of providing both shade and advertising. For others, they can be a convenient way to expand the size of a retail or restaurant space for a sidewalk sale or outdoor dining. And, sometimes the goal is simply to stand out in a strip mall or shopping center. Making this decision is a very important first step.

What’s allowed? If you’re leasing, it’s important to make a quick phone call to make sure that the improvements that you are making are permitted. Additionally, a larger awning or freestanding shade structure may require a building permit.

What’s your style? Finally, you need to determine how to best express the character of your business. What colors tell your story? We also have several awning shapes to choose from, and we can find the perfect fit for any business, be it small and conservative, or large and exotic.

An investment in an awning has many immediate benefits, including increased visibility and curb appeal for your storefront, advertising around the clock, and a significant decrease in energy costs. And let’s not forget that an awning gets you more bang for the buck than most other storefront upgrades.

Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas has been serving central Arkansas for 26 years and counting, and we guarantee your satisfaction on all of our products. If you have any questions, or want to schedule a no-obligation design consultation, click here, or give us a call at (501) 834-8891.