It is simply amazing how many styles of awnings and canopies are on today’s market. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as they provide investments for homes and businesses that yield many practical and aesthetic benefits.

But what may come as a surprise is that one of the best shade solution providers is located right here in Central Arkansas. One reason Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas (MLAC) has reached the upper echelon of the industry is that we can turn virtually any vision into a beautiful – and practical – reality.

Holy Canopy! Did You Know Awnings Have Evolved to Practical Works of Art?

And because we are experts at what we do, we also can help our customers design the perfect canvas awnings, architectural canopies, walkway covers, and more. You name it, we can install it.

One of our favorite styles is the half-round awning, usually referred to as a dome awning.

1 Dome awnings are charming and elegant. They can easily add a touch of old-world European sophistication to your home or business, whether installed over doors, windows, or both.

2 Half-round awnings aren’t just one of our favorites, they happen to be one of the most popular canvas awning styles among consumers as well.

3 Their popularity can be attributed not only to their lovely appearance, but also to their efficient protection of doors and windows from sun, rain, or snow. Their quarter-sphere shape allows for consistent protection from the elements from all angles.

4 Dome-shaped awnings typically are used to cover small entryways and windows. They work particularly well for homes with traditional, or classic, styles – and even very ornate architectural designs. They also can be used in archways.

5 If you need additional protection, outdoor space, or both, the equally elegant elongated half-round awning (or elongated dome) offers the ideal solution. The elongated dome style works best for long windows or entryways. It also can be curved to cover corner entrances or windows.

MLAC provides free estimates, and we encourage you to view some of our awnings and canopies here.

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