Summer is here, and as our nickname (“The Natural State”) suggests, that means more time outside. And while we love exploring Arkansas, home is one of our favorite spots to kick back with friends and family.

We like grilling out, patio cocktail parties, playing cards on the deck, and simply relaxing outside. Unfortunately, Arkansas is just as well-known for its sometimes sweltering heat, which can make outdoor entertaining challenging.

Add curb appeal to your home with an awning from MLAC!

Enter Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas (MLAC). For nearly three decades, we’ve been making outdoor spaces more comfortable with designs to meet any need. So don’t stay cooped up indoors when you can enjoy a shady spot outside created by our experts.

We’re an award-winning shade solution manufacturer – the only one in Central Arkansas with an active contractor’s license. MLAC works with you every step of the way, developing a solution within your budget that improves the look and value of your property.

Consumers also recognize shade products as energy-reducing investments. Thus, deck and patio awning designs have evolved dramatically.

There are a several types of standard canopies and awnings for decks and other structures:

1 Traditional frames have down-slanting front panels with or without two side panels or ends. They can be used for window awnings and entryways, or provide protection over large areas like decks, porches, and patios.

2 The quarter round/convex design is characterized by a curved front panel constructed in the shape of a convex curve. Its radius shape with flat ends works well over a small entryway or window.

3 Also used mostly over windows or doors, the concave design has an inward curvature of the front panel. Side panels can be covered for a completely shaded enclosure.

4 Dome-shaped awnings can be used in archways and for small entryways and window awnings. The quarter-sphere shape provides protection from the elements from all angles.

MLAC also offers retractable awnings, architectural canopies, and other custom solutions. See more of our deck and patio awning designs here.

Call us today at 1-800-94-SHADE, or contact us here to talk about your shade solution.