We’ve discussed considerably how installing various shade solutions – from dome awnings to commercial metal awnings to walkway covers, to name a few – continues to be a growing trend among modern home and business owners.

However, we may have failed to acknowledge that while the industry is revolutionizing today’s shade products, awnings and canopies have been making buildings more comfortable and energy efficient for centuries. And it only makes sense, considering that good ideas tend to stick around, as these products have.

Get Back to Common-Sense Basics with a Shade Solution Retrofit for Your Building

Of course, there was a major decline in their use – as opposed to previously being included in construction plans for many older buildings – with the advent of central heating and air conditioning. But older and historic homes were designed to include many intrinsic sustainable attributes, with awnings being a very popular example, because prior to the mid-20th century these luxuries had yet to be invented.

So if you’re considering retrofitting your home or business with one of Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas’ various superior shade solutions, you’ll receive many of the same benefits that people have enjoyed throughout history. The primary difference is the advancements that have been made over time, particularly in recent years.

1 Industry studies have proven the money-saving value of investing in awnings, canopies, and other shade solutions. These products aid in reducing cooling costs considerably, which is why they are particularly common in the southern U.S.

2 Installing commercial metal awnings, residential dome awnings, or any of our other solutions including custom shade structures enhances your property’s curb appeal – and value – substantially.

3 In addition to saving money, you’ll also be doing your part to reduce your property’s carbon footprint. For example, the sun’s rays shining through glass windows and doors typically are responsible for nearly 20 percent of the load on your air conditioner.

4 While they reduce heat gain in the summer, awnings also allow more sunlight during winter months. For the most energy-saving results, they are installed on south- and west-facing windows and doors.

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