What makes Maple Leaf Awnings and Canvas such a trusted name in keeping your outdoor living spaces covered? It could be the awards and recognition we have earned, our 26 years in the business, or it could be the simpler things, like giving our clients free estimates, 10% off shade solutions, or that we’re the leading name in awnings in Central Arkansas.

More plausibly, the reason could be the fabric we use — Sunbrella. Since 1961, Sunbrella fabric has earned a place in the furniture and marine world, but first started in the awning business. That’s over five decades of testing and improving one of the hottest selling and most reliable fabrics.

Here are five reasons Sunbrella is the best material for durable awnings and canopies:

Five Huge Benefits of Sunbrella Fabric

1 The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella as an additional measure against UV rays with a stoppage rate of 98%.

2 The material of Sunbrella fabric is resistant, designed to endure the elements — whether they be rain, sun, wind, or winter precipitation.

3 The fiber is spun into yarn and woven into the fabric, which will keep your favorite colors lasting longer and prevent them from fading.

4 Not all reasons have to be practical. Some can just be for fun. With a Sunbrella awning, you can enjoy the outdoors longer by making your patio or backyard into an outdoor room. This Summer, you won’t need to retreat to beat the heat.

5 The American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers states that Sunbrella awnings can prevent heat from entering the home, thereby reducing energy consumption by up to 60%.

Take a moment to view our selection of awning and canvas canopies styles for your home or business, all of which are fitted with Sunbrella. Do you have a more specific and unique design in mind or need a metal awning? Let us know, because we’ve got you covered!

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