Shade solutions don’t just add living space, reduce energy bills, and protect from elements. The endless styles available also enhance visual appeal and raise property value.

The right awning or canopy reflects the structural design of a traditional home, complements more contemporary residences, and adds drama and impact to a tired facade.

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To view pictures of some of our best awning and canopy styles, visit this page and click on any image to view our slideshow. Although it does not represent our complete body of work, it will give you an idea of some options Maple Leaf Awning & Canvas (MLAC) offers.

1 Retractable awnings come in both motorized and manual models. Both allow you to control the sunlight to provide shade or more heat when needed.

2 Our motorized retractable awnings can be controlled by the touch of a button. Or you can opt for our automatically-controlled retractable awnings, which feature sensors and controls programmed to respond to sunlight and protect the awning from damage by high winds.

3 Although manual retractable awnings require turning a crank to open or close them, today’s products are constructed to require a minimal amount of muscle. They may also come in handy if the electricity goes out, providing shade in the absence of air conditioning.

4 Those who already have a gazebo or are considering one also have a number of options when choosing a gazebo canopy, which covers the top and sometimes the sides of the structure. Several types of materials are used for construction, with fabrics being the most commonly used for their durability and variety of styles and colors.

5 Our products come in a vast array of designs, including custom installations. Our staff works with you to choose the shape, style, and color to compliment your property perfectly. So whatever you need – window, entrance, patio, or deck awnings or canopies – we’ll make sure each element is combined to make your shade solution dreams a reality.

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