There are a plethora of ways to get people to notice your business. Marquees always look nice. You can’t go wrong with spotlights. Maybe even one of those giant, inflatable, arm flailing, tube men you see on the side of the road. But how about something that’s more subtle, but can still make your company pop?

Might we recommend that something be an awning? Our ever-growing list of clients would certainly say so. Bonefish Grill, Crye-Leike, 1620 Savoy, and dozens more have given their business a boost with an awning from Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas.

Aside from adding ambiance and attracting attention, commercial fabric awnings can, much like a piece of fine art, communicate so much about the character of your company without saying a single word. Unless you want them to, in which case we can add the text you want to your awning.

There’s more than one way Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas can keep you covered:

There’s always the Traditional form for that timeless look.

Perhaps you’d prefer the Dome approach for your business (or home). We even offer a variation on the dome look with the Elongated Dome style.

Quarter Round/Convex Awnings have certainly made a name for themselves.

Might we make one more suggestion? How about a personal favorite of ours, the Concave design.

Maybe you have another design in mind? We got you covered on that too. We’ve entertained and exceeded wide variety of ideas with our Specialty Shade Structures. We’d love to see what you come up with.

Don’t overlook the eye catching allure of our canopies. Nothing says “Come on in” like our canopies and walkway covers.

Call us 501-834-8891 or contact us for commercial awnings and canopies that’ll add some pizzazz to your business.