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Our office is located in Sherwood!  Check out our awning and canopy styles!

Our commitment to you is a continuous pursuit of perfection in the awnings, canopies and shade solution products that we produce.

Starting with quality raw materials allows our products to stand the test of time, to exceed your expectations, and allow the details to highlight the craftsmanship.

Maple Leaf Awning and Canvas makes the extra effort to ensure we are using the most advanced production techniques, the most efficient new technology, and the best trained staff to guarantee we continue to provide award winning products at an affordable price.

PAMA BBB Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board Arkansas Hospitality Association

Awnings are a great way to increase your home’s resale value, and they can also lower your energy costs!


Chances are, if you’re selling a home, you’re also looking to buy one, and whether you want to increase the value of the home you’re selling, or increase the energy efficiency of the home you’re looking to buy, there’s a one-stop solution where you can do both.

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When it comes to awnings and custom shade solutions, the sky’s the limit!

When it comes to awnings and custom shade solutions, the sky's the limit!

Awnings have been around practically since mankind started living indoors, first showing up in ancient Egypt and Syria, where they used woven mats to shade market stalls and homes; by hanging the mats over windows and doorways, they managed to keep the heat at bay. Ancient Romans came up with the idea to attach rods to the mats and install them as permanent fixtures.

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Whatever Style You Want, Ramp it up With a Custom Shade from MLAC!

We have an awning or shade solution that will match your business' style!

Awnings are a great way to help protect yourself and your family from the glaring sun and the pouring rain, and business owners love them for the increased storefront visibility that they provide. After all, it’s hard to miss an awning that runs the length of a storefront with the business name emblazoned all the way across it.

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The Awning looks fabulous!! I will let you all know the next job I have! Look forward to working with Maple Leaf!

- Chandler Blank, Bear-Hill Interiors