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Want to attract new customers? Upgrade your storefront with a custom awning or canopy!

If you own and operate a business, more than likely, you put a lot of thought into your annual advertising budget. You do your best to spend your advertising dollars where you think they’ll give the maximum return, which is always the best strategy.

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Three of our most popular shade solutions

Summertime is in full swing, and we’re currently on track for some of the hottest weather on record! We all know that Arkansas is well-known for brutally hot summers, but when we’re dealing with 90% humidity, triple digit temperatures, and heat indexes that are off the charts, most of us are prepared to do just about anything to beat the heat!

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Looking to stretch your advertising dollar? Our awnings and canopies are the gift that keeps on giving!

Running a small business is often a constant struggle to find ways to do more with less, and you have to strike a delicate balance between meeting your fixed costs and reinvesting in the business. During those lean months, it can be challenging to simply meet your payroll, pay your utilities, and stock your shelves with merchandise. Where can you find the money to advertise?

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The Awning looks fabulous!! I will let you all know the next job I have! Look forward to working with Maple Leaf!

- Chandler Blank, Bear-Hill Interiors